Clouds of Clouds (again)


‘Clouds of Clouds’ received a honourable mention at the “ 2008 prize” , held by the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, in Tokyo.
This year, the artworks for the exhibition and the “ 2008 prize” were chosen by the following Selection Committee, Mark Amerika, Suzan Hazan, Agnese Trocchi and You Minowa from the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts. The theme was “The Ghost in the Machine.”

Clouds of Clouds

 by Miguel Leal and Luis Sarmento
Clouds of clouds is a random generator of cloud images. Each new cloud is unique and indexed to a particular time (GMT) on a particular day.
Clouds of Clouds was developed in Perl + MySQL. It works over a database of more than 1.000.000 photos of clouds.
Photo information was gathered from Flickr between September 10-13 2008, using Flickr API.
The database will be regularly updated.
Clouds of clouds is a web-based project comissioned for Interact 15 .
The project was produced between July and September 2008.


UNIQUE CLOUDS – Limited edition for Crónica Electrónica
Kant, I think, only looked at the sky in beautiful weather.
M. Serres
Clouds have always been objects of fascination with their arrogant complexity and their role as catalysts for the imagination. There being no way to precisely measure them or restrict their behaviour to a deterministic regime, they have been frequently seen as amorphous or formless objects, monstrosities or aberrations of nature, signs of the random noise of the world.
Clouds are always in a transitory state and for this reason we say that they do not have permanent qualities. In short, clouds do not have qualities and it is absurd to individually catalogue them.
Unique Clouds presents a limited series of 10 stamps. Each stamp includes a single drawing that can be reproduced unlimitedly, on any media, in any colour and in any position. Indeed, these stamps are unique works that can generate an infinity number of multiples.
Unique Clouds, by Miguel Leal, is part of the Limited Release series from Crónica and is the cover art for TUM M’s Is That You?. Each of the 10 signed and numbered pieces is available through Crónica.