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Aby Warbug, Tafel 5 of the Bilderatlas Mnemosyne, Version of October 1929.
.Types of ancient pre-coinages
2. From the Magna Mater to the Mater Dolorosa: female figures of Dionysiac pathos
The repertoire of emotional imprints (panic, defence, fury, despair; themes  of abduction and sacrifice: see Panel 6) embodied in mythical female figures: archetypal mother (Cybele); dispossessed mother (Niobe); murderous mother (Medea); frenzied woman (Maenad); fleeing woman (Proserpine, Myrrha); grieving figure (Alcestis, Protesilaos, Meleager).





  Alice Adeline Cook, 30/12/1922 At the age of 24 she had several aliases and at least two husbands. She was accused and convicted of bigamy and theft. Photo: The Sydney…