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A performer playing El Toro in a Matachines dance, Monticello, New Mexico, 1909. “Monticello Church Festival,” Henry A. Schmidt Pictorial Collection 000-179-0677. (Photo by Henry A. Schmidt; courtesy of the Special Collections and Center for Southwest Research, University of New Mexico Libraries)


Aby Warburg, « Kachina dancers, Hopi Indians rain maker », Shongopavi pueblo, 1900.


Hopi man with painted face and body and snake in mouth, Arizona, c.1924.


Group portrait of dancing bear, trainer, and children at Floria Beach, Istanbul, Turkey, 1915 [Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection (Library of Congress)]


Chief Shakes and another Nanya’a’yi chief in dance costumes, Wrangell (Southeast Alaska),1895.
The man in the doorway wears a complete brown bear skin. Chief Shakes wears the “bear’s ears” headdress and a tunic ornamented with halitosis shell to represent bear’s head, and holds the “Killerwhale Cane”.
Unknown photographer


Hamatsa ritualist (British Coluimbia), 1914
"Hamatsa emerging from the woods--Koskimo" "Hamatsa shaman, three-quarter length portrait, seated on ground in front of tree, facing front, possessed by supernatural power after having spent several days in the woods as part of an initiation ritual."
Photo: Edward S. Curtis




Miss Annie Jones Elliot (c. 1860 – 1902) Virginia, USA, 1890’s



Madame Clémentine Delait (1865-1939) [‘Madame Delait plongée dans la politique’, 1910s, France]