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Étienne-Jules Marey, Georges Demenÿ in a black suit with a white stripe down side, 1884.




James Nasmyth, Copernicus’ crater study model in plaster, 1870’s One of 15 assorted photographs of Nasmyth’s crater models illuminated at a low angle illustrating unknown lunar craters and…



James Nasmyth, 1851. Copernicus’ crater, chalk, pastel and crayon, painting of part of the surface of the Moon, dated 16 April 1851. 143.5x123cm. James Nasmyth, a Scottish engineer who had…

L0074996 Hystero-Epilepsie. Contracture, Planche XXX
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Hystero-Epilepsie. Contracture, Planche XXX. 

Iconographie photographique de la Salpetriere : service de M. Charcot / par Bourneville et P. Regnard. 

Volume 2 : Epilepsie partielle. Hystero-epilepsie. 

The text is by Bourneville and the photographs are by P. Regnard. The plates in volumes 2-3 are collotypes with letterpress captions. All of the plates, which depict patients at La Salpetriere, are from photographs by Regnard.
1878 By: Paul RegnardIconographie photographique de la SalpÍtriËre : service de M. Charcot /
Birmingham Medical Institute,SalpÍtriËre (Hospital)Bourneville
Published: 1876-80.

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0


Paul Regnard, Hystéro-épilepsie. Contracture, Planche XXX, from Désiré-Magloire Bourneville and Paul Regnard, Iconographie photographique de la Salpêtrière: Service de M. Charcot (Paris: V. Adrien Delahaye, 1876–80), vol. 2,…