Deep into the dark (Some notes on art practice)


A  Conferência Dark Futures in Projection terá lugar na na Faculdade de Letras da UP, nos próximos dias 14 e 15 de Novembro.
A minha intervenção está marcada para sexta-feira, dia 15 de Novembro, às 11.30.

Deep into the dark (Some notes on art practice)
The underworld, with its caves, tunnels, mines, caverns or grottos has long been an inexhaustible source for fantasy and imagination. We all know quite well how these underground spaces can turn both into a refuge or a prison, a womb or a tomb, an entrance into a wonderful unknown or a descent to hell. In its dark corners lurk all sort of marvellous and terrible things, things able to surprise in many ways all those who have the courage to venture into the descent. Inside those holes the unknown is always a before and an after, a distant reality which mirrors our world, even if somehow detached from it.
Looking at the appeal such scenarios seem to play on the work of many artists, sometimes literally, in my talk I will try to approach this topic from the point of view of contemporary art practice.


Conference Program:

Dark Futures in Projection:
On the 60th Anniversary of the Publication of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451
14-15 November 2013
The University of PortoPortugal